All Virtual Brochures are Not Created Equal
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
December 10, 2010

The advent of the virtual brochure in the past several years has been very interesting. I have taken a look at many of the solutions created by the limited number of companies that offer technology solutions to these online learning experiences. We have partnered with FranConnect because I believe that their virtual brochure solution and the comprehensive suite of technology solutions for franchisors makes them the smartest choice for new and established franchisors. Over the past year we have been able to understand their system and how to assist our clients in creating virtual brochures that are extremely powerful in educating prospects and maintaining engagement. Our recent solutions for Elements Therapeutic Massage and Oxi-Fresh are extremely dialed in and getting ready to launch soon. I am excited to see the results and continue to work with FranConnect in finding new ways to maximize franchise recruitment results.

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