ERS (Electronic Restoration Services) Repositions Brand with New Site from Greenbaum Marketing!
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
December 3, 2010

It was just a couple of days ago when I received an email from Dan Limer, former president of ERS, letting me know how much he liked the new solution for ERS. The funny thing is that Dan Limer (former president of ERS) is now with another company. He spoke to the ERS management team and was pleased to find out how much they loved the new site we built for them. He also commented on the fact that he had much to do with the original direction of the site and provided essential feedback that led us to their new design. Partnering with clients is extremely important to us. Although we have an incredible creative team, our engagement with clients and the dialog that we gain truly can make the difference between a good site and a great one. We don’t let clients confine our creativity, we use their insight and comments to enhance our delivery of the brand promise and create an emotional connection with the visitor. From a copy perspective, we have in-depth conversations, providing us with critical messaging and the nuances we may not gain otherwise.

I welcome you to visit the site at You will notice that the franchise section is not up yet. It has been completed, but as a new franchisor, they are still working on their franchise program before they will make the franchise section viewable to site visitors.

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