Greenbaum Works with Rotche to Launch IFA Franship Program
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
November 12, 2010

For those that are active in IFA, it is an organization that is filled with franchise professionals that are always willing to help those just entering franchising. Those in leadership roles seem to gain frequent requests for advice and support. Paying it forward from when they first entered franchising, franchise executives seem to take care of “newbies” and find a way to make the time for those needing guidance. As a way to structure a mentoring program for new franchisors and supplier members, my good friend and president of BELFOR Franchise Group, John Rotche, CFE, has partnered with the IFA to launch Franship. This new mentoring program will increase accessibility to franchise professionals and help new franchisors and supplier forum members avoid costly mistakes. I am proud to join Brad Fishman, CFE and Lane Fisher, ESQ, CFE as founding members of Franship’s supplier category, helping members navigate their efforts to net the best results.

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