Canada-based Oxford Learning Launches Innovative Recruitment Site
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
September 3, 2010

It was a cold day in Canada when I met Nick and Glenn Whitehead in their corporate offices outside of Toronto. Of course, most of the days are cold up there compared to Las Vegas, my home base. I talked on my cell phone for the hour plus drive, not thinking in advance that I needed to add international to my cell plan. That was a great $400 learning lesson, but how appropriate to be visiting a franchise that focuses on learning. Nonetheless, we had a great meeting and I was able to get a feel for their company culture. Just over six month later, I was very proud when we launched their new franchise recruitment web solution. My team did an amazing job blending the style of Oxford’s new consumer marketing campaign into the recruitment website to create a consistency. Visit the site at and see how we lead candidates into a process, have great features, easy usability and innovative messaging that connects a franchise candidate’s aspirations to the brand.

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