MFV Expositions 2012

  • MFV WCFE Eblast
  • MFV WCFE Attendee Ad
  • MFV WCFE Exhibitor Ad
  • MFV IFE Attendee Ad
  • MFV IFE Exhibitors Ad
  • MFV IFE Flyer
  • MFV IFE Banner

The Assignment

For the past handful of years, we have been proud to handle the majority of MFV Exposition’s event marketing, including the annual West Coast Franchise Expo, Franchise Expo South and the International Franchise Expo. This past year was especially memorable because were asked to rebrand the IFE as it relocated to New York City for the first time. We had to make exhibitors (franchisors) and attendees (franchise prospects) aware that this event was different and special.

The Solution

What better way to showcase an event held in NYC than to play off the instantly recognizable Manhattan skyline? Our designers manipulated the imagery, capturing the city’s energy, to create an exciting and one-of-a-kind look that translated well across every marketing platform: ads, emails, signage, etc. Through carefully selected language, we communicated the scope of the event and the undeniable value it would bring to all those involved. To date, the event was bigger than every other annual event combined.