Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning Gets a Fresh, New Look!
Posted by Martin Greenbaum
January 7, 2011

I am not sure where your career was headed at the age of 30, but Jonathan Barnett, MBA and CEO of Denver-based Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning, is building his empire at a very rapid pace with over 400 units and growing by 8-10 per month. You would think that between some of the big players in carpet cleaning and the fact that many prospects may believe they can start this type of a business on their own, it would be hard to close deals. With Oxi Fresh, the opposite is true as Jonathan and his team leverage their unique carpet cleaning process, marketing practices and shear determination to grow Oxi Fresh into a major player in the carpet cleaning industry.

Over the past six months we have been working with Oxi Fresh on various franchise recruitment and consumer marketing projects. It has been a great partnership and their new franchise recruitment website is near completion as we finalize programming and quality control. Our solution for their virtual brochure is second to none as we work closely with the FranConnect team to ensure that the design and user experience is maximized. Keep an eye out for Oxi Fresh in 2011, you’ll be hearing a lot about this incredible company.

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