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The Assignment

Over two years ago, when we established the long-term relationship that we still enjoy today with Topper’s Pizza, we sought out to rebrand all of their consumer and franchise marketing. We needed to inject excitement into the brand and bring their collateral up to a level that could compete with the bigger pizza chains. From a franchise marketing point-of-view, we needed to give the opportunity a voice and a clear direction for how to approach and convert franchise candidates.

The Solution

First we needed to define Topper’s Pizza, the brand. We began by creating various brand boards for the client to explore – these showcased different combinations of imagery, fonts, colors and themes, so that the client could identify not just who they are, but who they wanted to be going forward. We then altered the logo and came up with the Amazingly Delicious™ tagline. The decided upon branding has been implemented across the board: menus, emails, flyers, box toppers, even their new consumer website.

For the franchise marketing collateral, we applied elements from the consumer branding, but added a professional spin. We developed a tone and positioning that would appeal to Topper’s best prospects, and have created various lead generation programs including referral programs, franchise seminars and email campaigns.